• The church of Santa Rita

The church of Santa Rita

In 1850, on a plot of private property, was built a shrine which, for the worship of the owner, was dedicated to Our Lady of Sorrows. Inside the chapel, was placed a painting of the Madonna of Romitello. The devotion to Our Lady was such that, on May 8 of each year, the faithful of Castellammare have been coming, and barefoot on a pilgrimage to pay homage to the Virgin, just by this small votive shrine. The chapel was later enlarged with the construction of a small chapel, where, when possible, a priest was celebrating Mass. In the early twentieth century on the orders of the Bishop of Mazara del Vallo, a church was erected on the site, adding to the chapel a small altar and placing a statue of Madonna of Sorrow. In 1957 the parish was established and being the first priest an ardent devotee of Santa Rita, in the church was placed the statue of this Saint, along with that of Our Lady of Sorrows and the painting of the Madonna of Romitello, placed on the main altar. Following the development of the city, it became necessary to expand the church, which was built in 1972.
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