• The church of Blessed Crucifix

The church of Blessed Crucifix

The church of Blessed Crucifix was erected in 1810 in order to equip of a church the new cemetery, built during the early years of the century, to accommodate the new royal arrangements which provided _ the construction of the cemetery outside the city. Upon construction, the church was dedicated to Jesus laid in the tomb, which was dedicated a valuable painting placed on the altar of the sacred building. The nineteenth-century cemetery was later embedded by the urban expansion, but left the church the appellative of "Old Cemetery". The settlement of the Capuchin Fathers in the church, led to the construction of the so-called "Casa Santa", a shelter for the elderly and indigent. In 1866 the Capuchins had to leave the building that, owned by the city, was transformed into a school. Back to being lived as a meeting place of worship of the newborn neighborhood "Casi Novi", in 1955 was elected as a parish church dedicated to Jesus Crucified. Following the new dedication, the painting of Jesus laid in the tomb was replaced by the image of the Blessed Crucifix. Become too small for the pastoral needs, the church was replaced by a largest one, opened in 1990 and within which was relocated the painting of Jesus laid in the tomb. At the same time, the old hospice built by the Capuchins, is back at the disposal of the parish.
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